• Reflection

    Reflection is the art of pondering  one’s virtues and faults, to consider the good and the not so good, to examine the dreams and the plans of one’s life.

    Reflecting on a Life Well Lived

    • What were the defining moments?
    • What obstacles did you overcome?
    • What do you want others to remember?
  • Memories

    A recollection of the stories that make you laugh, smile or even cry.

    Memories captures the essence of our lives that  transform and  change us.


    • What stories make you who you are?
    • What memories do you want to share and pass down to your family?
  • Preservation

    The traditions and perspectives which have shaped you, the understanding of your culture, history & practices.


    • What has shaped your perspective and your history?
    • What is your cultural heritage?  Is your family from several traditions?
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Let us help you create the legacy your family deserves!

The Decision

Transforming your loved one's story
into the next level

Transforming the stories of your life into a lasting treasure!

The question we often hear is can I afford this? While this service is not for everyone, many people will find this service affordable, especially for the value it provides. A person's history and legacy are an investment worth preserving. There are three levels of project offered with optional services available to customize and personalize your unique story. These 3 options begin with the first memoir pricing comparable to a vacation, others may be compared to a down payment on a car or a luxury item. However, unlike a luxury item, your family story will provide a lasting legacy for future generations..

Capture and safeguard this gift of a lifetime for children and grandchildren who might not otherwise have the opportunity to know their family member in a personal way. A life is a treasure worth preserving!

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